The apartment

I arrived in Busan after a long journey and was picked up by one of my two co-teachers.  Immediately we hit it off and started discussing the direction we would like to take the students this year.  At the end of our taxi ride we arrived at my apartment.  At first I thought it was an joke.  Surely I couldn't be living in a place like this?  As we entered the huge lobby with lots of comfortable chairs, I kept thinking this must be a joke.  As we rode the elevator up to my apartment.  I still couldn't get over it.  Then we entered my apartment.  It was how can I say stunning.  Even though it was night time I could tell that the view would be stunning to say the least and that the apartment would get a lot of sun and fill me with lots of energy.  

To say this apartment is the opposite of the typical apartment in Tokyo would be an understatement.  I have 1.5 baths, 2 bedrooms, 3 verandas (one off the guest room, one off the living room, and one that is connected to the living room and room master bedroom), 4 air conditionars, in floor heating, a gym and sento in the basement, an massive outdoor balcony on the seventh floor, and a tenant only coffee shop on the 39th..  The space is huge and I'm finally accepting that this place is my home and not in fact a hotel.  Below are some pictures that compare my old apartment with the new one.  I'm sorry for the mess in the old apartment they are pictures taken after the earthquake.  

The School

The facilities of Busan International Foreign School can only be described as spectacular   Every room gets lots of natural light.  There is a soccer field, basketball court, gym, music room, Mac Mini lab, Av room (with green room), and much more.  In my classroom I have a two whiteboards, two cork boards, and a Smart Board.  I have also acquired a 4-point server which allows for my students to have access to computers at any point.  Currently I am in the process of creating a list of free programs that I would like installed to help students with various topics.

To say I am pleased with the school and the staff would be an incredible understatement.  I'm looking forward to a rewarding experience at this school and I am loving Busan

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