An end to an era

I arrived in Tokyo to begin my employment at the Canadian International School in August 2006.  During that time I held many different roles; I was a Grade 4, 3, and 6 homeroom teacher and I also was the school's librarian for 2 years.  While I was working at the school it went through its first WASC and IB PYP accreditation processesses.  Outside of the traditional roles I was also the producer/stage manager for the winter and spring concerts. For allowing me to develop such as wide range of experiences and perspectives during my time and for providing me the opportunity to have access to annual PYP training and giving me time to pursue my COETAIL courses, I will always be eternally grateful.  I am also grateful that I got to meet and work with a variety of people during this time.

During my personal time I managed to get myself involved with the Tokyo International Players.  I remember when I first went to audition for a show, I put down that I'd rather be backstage.  For that first show I was onstage stage, however for the many shows after that I was always wearing black with usually a pair of cans attached to my head.  For providing me a space to reignite my passion for live theatre and giving me for trusting me with the running of many shows, I am grateful.

As I was preparing to make my final move from Tokyo in July 2012, I was a mix of emotions.  On the one hand I was excited about the moving to a new country.  However, I have called Tokyo my home for six years and it is a city that has a magical hold on people.  In the end I was sad to leave the city but new that it was best decision.  

To all my friends I left, I am only an e-mail, comment, or tweet away.  Also, for Tokyoites, I am only a short flight away and have a guest room with a beach in walking distance.

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    Brendan is an international school teacher.  He currently teaches grade 4 at Busan International Foreign School.


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